Engagement Photos

What's a "love sesh?!"

Love Sesh, Engagement Photos, Couples photos, Fur Baby Love Sesh... same-same.
There doesn't always have to be a reason to document love. (Although, if there is I am THERE with the champagne!) Sometimes no pressure "come as you are" shoots are my most cherished. FYI Engagement sessions are included in all of our wedding packages.


I live for sessions that document your one-of-a-kind epic romance. I love when you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that you can move in (sit in, jump in, roll on the ground in… ya know the usual). I like to see you as you are. I use “prompts” instead of poses… that means you won’t hear me say “stand this way and smile” instead you’ll hear things like “whisper your favorite cereal into your lovers ear in your sexiest voice” Y’all just “do you” and trust me, the results are always brilliant. If you hate getting pictures taken because it makes you feel awkward… I’m your girl because I agree, posing IS super awkward.


Katie and Corey

BrieAnna is truly one-of-a-kind as a photographer, human being, and lifelong friend. I've never seen someone light up as brilliantly as she does when she is behind the camera. There's a magic that comes along with Ebb & Tale from the moment you meet BrieAnna and start working with her. It's a collaborative process from start to finish. BrieAnna has a way of making everyone around her sparkle. Ebb & Tale is more than just the photos; it's an experience coupled with an unmatched level of comfort and warmth for all involved.

Danni and Adrian

"Absolutely no filter needed for these incredible photos by @ebbandtale @brieannapatrick ! I am JUST getting around to really getting these printed out. We have been so fortunate to have such incredible photography of our family through the years and this lady is so awesome , and so amazing with kids! RI people - I highly recommend Miss BrieAnna , she is such a great person and wonderful photographer"

Brooklyn and Dylan

My experience was beyond amazing with Ebb and Tale!! She made it a lot of fun and got a lot done in such a little amount of time! My boyfriend isn’t a picture guy, however, he really enjoyed the photo shoot! 10/10 in my eyes! 😍❤️


What should we wear?

Wear something comfy that makes you feel amazing. Don't feel like you need to dress up if a teeshirt and baseball cap makes you feel good DO IT if you feel your best in pearls then, by all means, go all out! Try to wear something that you can sit in and move in easily if possible. If we're shooting outside I'd always recommend layers! Don't go too matchy-matchy with your significant other... you could end up looking like siblings! Consider the location when choosing your look, shooting in downtown PVD might be a different vibe then shooting in a flower garden.

What's the best time of day for lighting?

Listen, I have tricks for making you look amazing in any light at any time of day. That being said, golden hour is near sunrise and sunset. The sun moves lower in the sky and the light is literally golden because the angle blocks a lot of the blue light (nerd alert I'm done) In the spring, fall, and winter months this time is MUCH longer between 2 and 3 hours away from sunset. In the heat of summer, it's only about an hour before sunset. The only time I wouldn't necessarily recommend is high noon for a beach session.

Where should we go?

I have a million spots and I am more than happy to help you select the perfect location. Sometimes, the best location is one that is meaningful to you!

What does it cost? Do you offer any discounts?

Love sessions are currently $300. However, they are included in every wedding package I offer.

I do offer $100 referral bonuses, so if you refer your friends they get $100 off when they book and you will also get $100 off of your next session.

Do you offer mini-sessions?

Sometimes! Keep an eye on my instagram!